Going abroad to get high-quality private dental treatment or cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular nowadays, with a single tooth implant now costing upwards of £2,000 per tooth in the UK.

Popular procedures include cosmetic and restorative dental techniques such as implants, crowns and bridges, veneers, composites and ceramic inlays/onlays, teeth whitening and orthodontic braces.

We are available to all our patients for further information, so that your stay is as enjoyable as possible and cost of dental implants fits your budget. If you require more information about the cost of your dental treatment, please contact us.

ProcedureAverage UK price
(on the basis of dental offices' web sites)
Average Dental Clinic Abroad PriceYour average savings


Cosmetic consultation£134£16£114
Implant consultation£150£16£134
Panoramic X-Ray£60£22£38
Local anesthetic£15£2£13
Teeth whitening £600£167£433
Crown (Metal based porcelain)£470£103£367
Crown (Full ceramic)£800£189£611
Ceramic Veneer£600£206£394
Simple extraction£80£23£57
Implant £1,700£473£1,227

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