With Dental Clinic Abroad by SmileClinic you have the right expert dental team at your side every step of the way during your dental holiday. Our first concern is to ensure you receive the best quality dental treatment, so we provide a wide range of services. 

Dr. Alexandru Crisan

Specialist in orthodontics and orthopedics

Dr. Raluca Crisan

Specialist in orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedics

Dr. Serban Talpos

Dr. Serban Talpos - Assistant Professor in the field maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Diana Oros Zamfirescu

Specialist in endodontics

Dr. Marius Georgescu

Specialist in oral surgery

Dr. Ramona Stefanescu

Specialist in periodontology

Dr. Dorina Mateescu

Dentist resident pedodontics

Dr.Ahmad Theeb Rajab

Specialist in endodontics

Dr.Catalin Farcas

Specialist in pedodontics

Our friendly staff, will take good care of you and make your dental experience, smooth from start to finish. Find out more about each of the key people in our team and start the dental holiday process today.

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