Leica M320 dental microscope

The use of the dental microscope has become a necessity in dentistry. It provides a better visualization of the operator field, which leads to an increase in the precision of the dental act. The Leica M320 microscope used in dental treatments at SmileClinic is one of the best performing products on the market.

It is produced by the German company Leica Microsystems, although some components are produced and developed in Vienna (Austria), HeerBrugg (Switzerland) and Morrisville (USA). The exceptional quality of Leica lenses is a very well-known fact. The microscope has five magnifications, a focal-objective lens, and an automatic Full HD imaging system. At the end of the maneuvers, the patient can view the entire treatment on a monitor in the cabinet.

Using the microscope is not just about endodontic treatments. It is true that in this branch of dentistry the appreciation of the number and the root canal morphology can be a difficult task without a dental microscope but oral or maxillofacial surgery also benefits from the specific details of the maneuvers under the microscope.


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