Master Flux

According to psychologists, fear of dentist is the most common phobia in the adult population. So far! Master Flux arrived in Timisoara. Only at Smile Clinic.
Without fear!

The stress from the waiting room, it sooner disappears through inhaling-sedation. Taken by hand: Master Flow acton in 2-3 minutes! Inhalation-sedation (a mixture of oxygen-liquefying gas) has the effect of a natural calming agent. Unbound is replaced with a pleasant floating condition. Like two glasses of good wine. Different from other forms of anesthesia, the patient keeps vital reflexes and cooperates willingly with the doctor. What also brings a gain of time. However, the return is fast (3-4 min.) And complete.
No side effects!
Here’s how it’s safe (no side effects), so popular. From 1844 until today, it has helped millions to overcome dental anxiety. From the most delicate treatments (implantology, surgery) to the usual ones. It is also recommended for people with cardiovascular, neurological and even pulmonary disorders. Or children who fail to work with the doctor because of anxiety. For all, Master Flux turns your dentist into a positive experience.
Master flow. Absolute safety.
Master Flux is a device as sophisticated as it is so friendly. Sedation can be easily conducted by the dentist. The gas concentration is impeccably controlled. Eg: if the oxygen ends, the flow is automatically cut off. Safety valves are another comforting clue to complying with the severe European rules in the field. The device is available in two versions: for children and adults. And now it’s in premiere in Timisoara.

Only at Smile Clinic. Do not worry about the dentist!

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