Melag Sterilization

At SmileClinic you’re safe! We make investments in sterilization equipment and sterilization protocols to keep you away from danger. Yeah, in a dental office you can get sick. But not with us! Here we treat you, we treat ourselves and our families! It has to be a safe place! And I made it so good at the beginning!

The sterilization room is designed so that the contaminated disinfectant never meets the sterile! Medical safety rules recommend this. We have respected them!

The equipment used for sterilization is the latest generation, produced by the famous German company Melag, the number one in the world in this field. Each cycle of sterilization is carefully monitored by computer systems and sterilization parameters are listed on dedicated printers so they can be attached to the sterilization booklet. We know every minute if sterilization is safe. We can prove this with the date, time, minute, and second when each instrument, carefully enveloped in envelopes, was inserted or left the autoclave sterilization chamber.

The sterile room has a UV lamp for sterilizing air and work surfaces. The atmosphere is also controlled by ventilation systems.

In our clinic, patients are invited to call on the healthcare staff to see the sterilization room. It’s like going to a restaurant and wanting to see the kitchen. We do not cook at sight, we sterilize at sight!

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