Orthodontic Dental Treatment

Orthodontic treatment and good oral hygiene are becoming more and more accessible to more and more people through dental treatment abroad.

Save money, and receive top-quality treatment using the same brands and teeth-straightening systems that your dentist at home uses.

How is the orthodontic treatment carried out?

Many different types of braces are used to create a gentle pressure, encouraging teeth to move. This gentle pressure will correct the positioning of the teeth.

Who can have this orthodontic treatment?

To be able to start an orthodontic treatment, you should not have tooth decay or gum diseases like periodontitis.

What is the best age to have an orthodontic treatment?

The teenage years are the best time as the goals of the treatment will be reached more easily. It is possible to achieve good results as an adult, only it takes more time.

Will braces cause pain?

No. Generally, patients can experience some discomfort, but only in the initial stage. Discomfort will fade away over time. It is normal to feel a slight movement in the teeth during treatment.

What should a patient eat during this treatment?

In most situations, the patient will be able to eat just about everything. However, hard food can damage the braces and should be avoided. Other foods, such as toffees and chewing gum, should be excluded because they increase bacterial plaque formation and harm the tooth enamel.

How long does this treatment take?

It depends on various factors, including the biological response of the patient, malocclusion type, and the braces used in the treatment. The patient’s attendance of monitoring consultations will also determine the success of the treatment. Usually, it can take from 12 to 24 months.

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