Smilescan 3D tomograph

The new radiology device used at Smile Clinic is a digital masterpiece. First, it automatically controls the irradiation dose. Anyway, it’s already 10 times safer. Its flexible functions allow you to locate the X-ray area, set exposure times, etc. At Smile Clinic we perform standard panoramic radiographs, pediatric panoramic radiographs, and radiographs of the temporomandibular joint. Sensor for the retroalveolar radiography performed at Smileclinic, also gives the finest anatomical details. That means guaranteeing accurate diagnostics.

Moreover, the digital format allows for fast communication. At SmileClinic, for your safety and accuracy of diagnosis, we have invested in the latest technology in this field. Our radiodiagnostic device is a “state of the art” of the Finnish company Cranex.

Your radiograph comes instantly, for example, to the surgeon. Or in your email box.

Your dental treatment abroad at Smile Clinic

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