The dental laser

The dental laser has been introduced into dental medicine more than 30 years ago. In the future, dental treatments using dental laser will be able to replace traditional milling treatments. Some of the advantages of dental laser treatment include:

  • reduces bleeding
  • sterilizing the operator field, greatly reducing the risk of inflammation and postoperative infections.
  • is very safe in the treatment of children and pregnant women.
  • ensures very precise treatment.
  • contributes to faster regeneration of affected tissues.
  • laser treatment is not painful and does not require anesthesia.

At SmileClinic, the laser is especially used in the treatment of periodontal disease for the periodontal pocket disinfection in periodontal curettage surgery (SRP). Also, through the biostimulation effect, changing the position of the teeth in the orthodontic treatments is accomplished more quickly and with less discomfort. Clinical trials have shown that a minimum of 3 laser biostimulation sessions during orthodontic treatment can reduce the duration of therapy by as much as 40%. The vast majority of dental patients at SmileClinic obtain faster results in dental treatment due to this laser biostimulation procedure.

Laser biostimulation is particularly useful in accelerating the photodynamic effect of cellular metabolism and surgical insertion of the dental implant as well as other types of oro-maxillofacial surgery.

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