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Welcome to Dental Clinic Abroad by SmileClinic! 

Combine your holidays with a visit at the dentist’s abroad and undergo one of many modern dentistry treatments in professional Dental Clinic in Timisoara. As a result of extremely attractive prices and through implementing innovative but proven solutions, raising our specialists’ qualifications, preparing individual plans as well as using exclusively the best equipment, our team aims at achieving patients’ satisfaction with every procedure conducted.

Each procedure is preceded by a careful, detailed analysis of your needs and health state, conducted by assigned to you personal dentist. Then, a treatment plan is prepared and several options are suggested, from which you choose the one fulfilling your expectations the best.

We look forward to answering your questions, and look forward to welcoming you personally one day soon to our dental clinic in Romania.


SmileClinic Team

International Standard Quality Dental Services Abroad

Six treatment rooms, three waiting rooms, a radiology room, lockers, offices for doctors, toilets, kitchen for staff; from drawings on an architect’s board they all gradually became concrete realities …

With Dental Clinic Abroad by Smile Clinic you have the right expert dental team at your side every step of the way during your dental holiday. Our first concern is to ensure you receive the best quality …

Smile Clinic dental clinic facilities abroad are located in Timisoara, Romania and equipped with the latest dental technology. Efficient and short treatment times, significant savings and outstanding results!

We provide all of our services from right here in the comfort of our welcoming dentist office and utilize top-of-the-line technology to ensure our patients receive top quality care each and every time.

The Dental Clinic Abroad can count on our dental team experience in implantology and in oral surgery problems as well. Dental implants are the best option for people of all ages in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident, gum disease, injury, or some other reason.

Our dental clinic abroad, a modern and comfortable place where you can come and have expert dentistry work performed: root canal treatment, dental fillings, tooth extraction, teeth whitening all at very affordable prices. A one day dental treatment abroad to help you achieve your ideal smile.

Professional Dental Clinic Abroad

High standards and a personalised service, tailored to your personal needs.

Dental Clinic Abroad by SmileClinic offers a wide range of services, from dental implants to cosmetic surgery, all for very affordable prices. Also, patients will be greeted by polite, multilingual and educated personnel.

Our team of qualified romanian doctors is specialized in all areas of dentistry and can provide complete solutions recognized worldwide.

Latest Dental Technology

At Dental Clinic Abroad by SmileClinic we perform retroalveolar and panoramic radiography. Unlike a panoramic radiography, our retroalveolar diagnosis system renders even the finest anatomical details. In other words guarantees accurate diagnosis. Moreover, the digital format enables a quick communication. Our radiography is instantly sent to the surgeon.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Because SmileClinic is performing complex oral rehabilitation treatments, most of which are based on dental implants, The 3D CT scanner can appreciate the bone structure volume, the most suitable area for the insertion of dental implants, the distances to important adjacent structures such as the vessels or nerves and why not, the direction the implant has to have in order to achieve excellent primary stability .

Patient Reviews

Aidan, London

“The clinic is very nice looking, it was easy to find and all the staff was helpful, understanding and very professional. I was here four times in a short time and I can highly recommend .”

Aidan, London

Agnes, Birmingham

“I am extremely pleased with this clinic and the dentists were very helpful, kind and professional. A good team was always present and I will be going back for more work in the near future. The price paid I am very satisfied with as the work carried out was great to a very high standard and quality. “

Agnes, Birmingham